sábado, octubre 21, 2006

EUA declara que el espacio es suyo en nueva acta

Para acabarla de chingar en este mundo (y por lo que voy a decir en el espacio) EUA a reclamado que el espacio es suyo y de prioridad para la seguridad nacional.

En una acta liberada este 7 de Octubre del 2006 por el OSTP (White House Office of Science and Technology Policy), Bush firmó la nueva política de EUA a seguir en la conquista espacial. Entre las cosas se ha suspendido la exploración de planetas mediante robots y se va a dar prioridad a la Exploración con seres humanos (esto no sé si sea tan bueno).

U.S. President George W. Bush has authorized a sweeping new national space policy, green-lighting an overarching national policy that governs the conduct of America's space activities.

The new policy supports not only a Moon, Mars and beyond exploration agenda, but also responds to a post 9/11 world of terrorist actions, such as the need for intelligence-gathering internal and external to the United States.


U.S. assets must be unhindered in carrying out their space duties, the Bush space policy says, stressing that “freedom of action in space is as important to the United States as air power and sea power.”

Del texto:

"The United States is committed to the exploration and use of outer space by all nations for peaceful purposes, and for the benefit of all humanity. Consistent with this principle, 'peaceful purposes' allow US defence and intelligence-related activities in pursuit of national interests."

In other words: "Everyone has to use space peacefully, except us. We can do what we like, cos we were here first(*). And anyway, if you try to stop us, it won't stay peaceful for long, which would spoil the first part of our principle."

"[To] strengthen the nation's space leadership and ensure that space capabilities are available in time to further US national security, homeland security, and foreign policy objectives."


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