lunes, octubre 09, 2006

Señales Transhumanistas

Desde la lista de Extropía (Correo - e) me llegó la sugerencia de viajar por está página, sobre signos de advertencia que podemos necesitar cuando la tecnología avance lo suficiente... veanlo es divertido y además sirve como un recordatorio de hacia donde nos movemos.

He aquí unos ejemplos:

A warning sign for black holes, event horizons, naked singularities and other spacetime engineering hazards. Of course, purists will point out that orbits around black holes are just as stable as around any other mass – they don’t suck things in without some friction mechanism – and that many other nasty metrics are not even symmetric. But some physical realism ought to be sacrificed for visual saliency. A black spiral signals an obvious, dynamical danger.

Chaos control is likely to be very useful in many future applications. But chaos is sensitive, so interfering with such a system might be unadvisable.

Macroscale quantum systems are likely not personally dangerous, but interfering with them will of course disrupt whatever they are doing. Of course, just seeing the warning might be enough to decohere them. Some might interpret the psi sign as a warning for psychic powers. Maybe the sign could show an alive/dead cat instead, but it is a bit too much of an in-joke.

A catch-all sign for things you really don’t want to mess with – existential threat implies threats to the future of humanity as a whole.

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